The creation of an outdoor room requires the combination of many products made by many manufacturers. Making the right choices results in an exciting outdoor space for cooking, dining, relaxing, and entertaining. In the meantime, with all the options and decisions to be made the process could be overwhelming.
Where does one begin?

First, ask yourself, “how will I use the space”? Explore magazines and the internet for ideas and preferences. What would be your ultimate dream or ideal outdoor space? Remember, projects can be done in phases. Planning big eliminates most problems later done the road.

Secondly, consider the style of your house and size/dimension of your outdoor space. This includes the geographic layout with respect to the movement of the sun, slope of the yard, drainage, and surrounding areas beyond your property. This is where your outdoor design specialist can be of great help. Solve these issues with a consult from a CREATIVE DESIGN OUTDOOR specialist. In designing your custom outdoor living space we provide a 3-D walk-through rendering to assist you in visualizing your “dream space”.

Thirdly, depending upon your style and chosen features you will need to determine type of surfaces/covering you prefer. For example, amount of grass, use of concrete, brick pavers, natural or fabricated stone, wood or composite decking, metal, and coverings (roof/pavilion, pergola, cloth sails, etc.) all need to be part of your thinking processes. In today’s market, there is an inordinate amount of options so if you can dream it, CREATIVE DESIGN OUTDOOR can design it (and build it) so you may live it today and for many tomorrows!

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